Top 5 best phase transitions

Now this is a topic worth discussing!!!Byakko. The patch trailer threw me off the trail because canada goose store they show it as the standard Scream Explosion that Titan, Garuda, and Ifrit all canada goose factory sale do. Then I in the fight and the tornado comes after that and I see it making everyone fly up, expecting us to animate down only to see my character controllable. I just canada goose Canada Goose sale factory outlet start laughing, canada goose coats on sale blown away by this game ability to surprise me despite spending so canada goose canada goose outlet vancouver jacket outlet much time in it.Thordan. I a heathen that hasn gotten far enough in FF7 to see Canada Goose online the summon this is based off of outside of Youtube, but I know they took enough care to keep the order buy canada goose jacket cheap of the attackers the same as in the original. The entire thing after Thordan reappears is so flashy with the planet and the knights and the knockbacks. And to top it all off (new to me), that screen shatter effect made me literally gasp the canada goose outlet shop first canada goose outlet online uk time I saw canada goose outlet online it. It really raised the bar for what kind of visuals are possible in buy canada goose jacket this game for me.Shiva. This Diamond Dust are you serious? Completely met and then raised the bar. official canada goose outlet They gave canada goose outlet store us everything we wanted canada goose outlet store uk and more. This one is 1 because Canada Goose Jackets unlike Knights of the round, which is an (amazingly) updated goose outlet canada version of the original transition, Shiva much requested canada goose outlet nyc snap was only in FFX and no other game in the two games that came after that until this canada goose black friday sale one (in FFXII Shiva was an airship). To deliver on the snap and then add in the heel click as the last part of the animation climax? I hope that becomes a new part of the canada goose black friday sale move in future FF games (no thanks to FFXV). This post here discusses how amazed people were.Edit: Reddit is formatting my 1 5 in canada goose outlet reverse.Sephi is pretty good aswell, was not expecting him to canada goose clearance sale knock himself out only to show back up infinitely more wedge than before, well bigger atleast but heyho.Nael to Bahamut uk canada goose outlet in UCOB This transition is nice in that it a «shit just canada goose outlet in usa got real» moment b/c you know you about to tested at the highest level this game can currently offer in dealing with mechanics on top of mentally enduring canada goose the prog of the rest of UCOB.Thordan Thordan was different in that it felt more like a raid level primal with how it was designed. Nothing really repeated, so the challenge was nice for what it provided back canada goose outlet parka canadian goose jacket then. The ambience of seeing outer space while surrounded by the Knights during the transition into final part of the fight felt epic.God Kefka Thou has canada goose clearance come to wrecketh healers that cannot manage thy mp. Then I, too, can disappear. forever!» Neo transition canada goose outlet uk was good because his true self appeared to grow canada goose outlet sale tired of being all powerful and philosophized on the meaning of his existence, only to come to the foundation shaking conclusion that his existence in canada goose outlet Canada Goose Outlet new york city the end is ultimately meaningless. Thus, end it all.Special Mention Byakko solely because his voice canada goose outlet reviews line is funny.Alexander was canada goose uk outlet cool because the song had canada goose Canada Goose Online outlet black friday the alarm sound effects canada goose outlet toronto factory which was pretty coolNidhogg red lightning thing scared the shit out of me and then the song ramps up and the skies turn blood red followed by the rapid ahk mourn. Shit felt epic!Titan was cool just because of how awesome the song gets after Earthen Canada Goose Parka Fury.Calcabrinas was awesome because canada goose outlet canada of the hype of knowing she would fuse. My main qualm is that they used the regular Heavensward boss Canada Goose Coats On Sale music instead of FF4 uk canada goose boss. It just didn feel right.7) Shiva. It was the first time they tried adding a unique effect to the transition.6) Sephirot. More for the way it changes the canada goose uk black friday fight between canada goose outlet jackets phases canada goose coats than for the transition itself.5) cheap Canada Goose Alexander Prime. Could argue this goes in the mechanics section but the mechanic is just «LB.» The cheap canada goose uk scale and visuals as Alexander canada goose outlet uk sale Prime canada goose uk shop summons himself in his giant fortress form to nuke you with lasers.