Or check out the 5K Sunset Run on Sept. 14, in which kids 17 or younger can race for free, and those cheering on the sidelines can enjoy a live performance by Patrick Lamb. Registration is $50 for the Sunset Run, $85 for the half marathon and $120 for the marathon.

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Fish and Wildlife permit. Japan’s Best Car magazine reports that the next generation Lexus IS will offer BMW’s B58 3.0 liter inline six as one of four powertrain options. That’s the same engine found in the new Toyota Supra with 335 horsepower and 365 pound feet of torque.

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Philadelphia in particular has been plagued by gun violence and «relies on this reporting when making the crucial decision whether a license to carry applicant should be permitted to carry a firearm,» said Mayor Jim Kenney, who is a Democrat like the mayors of New York and San Francisco. «We’re joining in this suit because reporting these records is absolutely critical to those decisions. The background check system only works if it contains the proper records.».

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The current common carrier system allows shippers to nominate the amount they want to ship each month and space is rationed when volumes exceed capacity.The 2.8 million barrel a day system has seen heavy rationing over the past year and a half as surging production has run into nationwide pipeline bottlenecks. Enbridge is currently holding an open season to sign up shippers and seeks to start sending contracted volumes down the line in 2021.offering that we got in that open season is responding to the needs of our customers and is supported by shippers representing the majority of the volume on our system, Guy Jarvis, Enbridge executive vice president for liquids pipelines, said by phone. Nature of trying to create one offering for the needs of 40 to 50 customers is that it doesn really create a scenario where everybody can have everything they want.

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